By Aditya Bhardwaj

Hi! I am Aditya, a Computer Science Engineering undergrad and this is my now page, a concept by Derek Sivers where you tell about what is that you are doing in the NOW. To make visualisation easier, imagine yourself meeting a friend a year later, what is that you will tell them? That is the now.

Here is the list of what I am doing in the now:

Understated has been done as on October 2016

  • Applying for summer internships as software engineering intern/Java programming intern during the summer of 2016
  • Working on algorithms, data structures and programming for summer internship interviews
  • Learning the French language - I am on level B1 and also intend to learn Spanish in the near future. Oui, Je parle français!
  • Looking for a football club to play in till December '16, else I will choose engineering. :)
  • Playing football again! have started playing footie. SO MUCH WIN!
  • I have been reading a lot of random articles lately
  • On my way to digital detox: have been off WhatsApp and Facebook for over 6 months now. Update:been there done that! woohoo, back everywhere, get adding! :D
  • Trying to improve, in any possible way in any aspect following the principle of Kaizen
  • This is pointless
  • But this has a point.
  • Reading list:
    • Reading:
    • Last Read:Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by err... Benjamin Franklin
    • To Read: